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January 2019 ASC Focus MagazineJanuary 2019

Features of the January issue include:

Looking Ahead at 2019 – Key trends, challenges and opportunities

Assess and Improve Your Team’s Soft Skills – Consider these tips

Build a Useful, Engaging Employee Handbook – Review, revise and recirculate it every year


February 2019 ASC Focus MagazineFebruary 2019

Features of the February issue include:

Growing Pains – Clinical innovations and business trends in ASC pain management

Overcome Resistance to Technology Adoption – Counter negativity with a proactive approach

Leverage RFID Technology – Monitor traffic, track documents and improve operations


March 2019 ASC Focus MagazineMarch 2019

Features of the March issue include:

ASCA 2019 Heads to Nashville – Join ASCA in Music City for education, networking and Honky Tonkin’

Explore New Revenue Sources in GI – Consider new procedures, ancillary services and payment models

Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Colonoscopy – Improved ADR, quality reporting and reimbursement likely to follow


April 2019 ASC Focus MagazineApril 2019

Features of the April issue include:

Advocacy Makes a Difference – Participate in ASCA’s 2019 National Advocacy Day

Optimize Your Billing Workflows – Collect upfront and make technology your friend

Know Your Representatives – These members of Congress could make a difference to your ASC

Reduce Overhead Costs – Evaluate expenses, ask for better rates and verify billings

Why I Advocate – ASC community members share their thoughts


May 2019 ASC Focus MagazineMay 2019

Features of the May issue include:

Accommodating Complex Ortho Cases – Focus on fundamentals and communicate

Improve Outcomes in TJRs – Patient engagement and education are critical

Wanted: ASC Coders – How to recruit and retain top-notch staff


June-July 2019 ASC Focus MagazineJune-July 2019

Features of the June-July issue include:

Trends in ASC Robotics – The market appears primed to experience rapid growth

Introduce and Grow a Robotics Program – Research, plan and get physician buy-in before you act

‘The Way We Work Together’ – Copper Ridge Surgery Center shares its patient care initiative story


August 2019 ASC Focus MagazineAugust 2019

Features of the August issue include:

Clinical Trends in ASC Ophthalmology – ‘Dropless’ approach, bi-lateral, same-day sequential cataract surgery and Zepto system are improving the quality of eye surgery

How to Collect Workers’ Compensation Effectively – Good relationship with adjusters is key


September 2019 ASC Focus MagazineSeptember 2019

Features of the September issue include:

Design Considerations for an ASC – Choose an ASC architect and work closely with your state health department and full team

Role of HVAC in Infection Prevention – Implement a system that monitors and logs temperature, humidity and pressure of your unit

Improve Outcomes Through Environmental Hygiene – Follow the rules, educate staff and create checklists

Protect Your ASC From Embezzlement – Establish internal controls, use an external accountant and conduct regular audits

Trends in ASC Design – Consider these practical, cost-cutting ideas


October 2019 ASC Focus MagazineOctober 2019

Features of the October issue include:

Treating Violent Patients – Adequate preparation and response required

Medical Tourism in ASCs – Marketing to patients outside your community

Set Up a Compliant Patient Transportation Service – Stay within a new safe harbor and avoid federal anti-kickback violations

ASC Valuation Multiples – Market collaboration on the rise

Marijuana and Medication Reconciliation – Be sure to capture all the details of your patients’ use


November-December 2019 ASC Focus MagazineNovember-December 2019

Features of the November-December issue include:

How to Write an Emergency Preparedness Plan – Involve your team, learn about the requirements, and make it a living tool

Untapped Potential: Urology in the Surgery Center Setting – One-on-one with an ASC urologist

Conduct a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis – CMS requires it



January 2018 ASC Focus MagazineJanuary 2018

Features of the January issue include:

Industry Forecast – Where ASCs stand in the business of health care

Bringing Cardiac Cases into ASCs – Come to ASCA 2018 to learn how to run a successful heart-centered surgery center

OR Utilization – The double-edged sword

Prevent Surgical Fires – Reduce risk with understanding


February 2018 ASC Focus MagazineFebruary 2018

Features of the February issue include:

Providing High-Acuity Orthopedic and Spine Cases – Strategies for success lie in pre- and postop care

Benchmark Beyond Requirements – Use external and internal parameters

Participate in an Orthopedic Registry – Join the ‘transparency revolution’

Provide Health Literacy to Patients – Share basic information and encourage questions


March 2018 ASC Focus MagazineMarch 2018

Features of the March issue include:

ASC Advocacy Posts Gains – Groundwork laid for future success

Make Your Voice Heard in the Capitol – ASCA’s Advocacy Fund helps make sure ASCs get fair legislation

Observe National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month – Spread the word to raise awareness

Options for Post-Acute Services – Convalescent centers, skilled nursing facilities or home care?


April 2018 ASC Focus MagazineApril 2018

Features of the April issue include:

Boston Calling – Expand your ASC network, knowledge and skills at ASCA 2018

Surprise Medical Bills – How to protect your patients from paying out-of-network prices

Improve Your ASC’s Safety Culture – Know the current standards and follow established best practices

Use EMR to Make Billing Easier and More Accurate – Proceed with caution for best results


May 2018 ASC Focus MagazineMay 2018

Features of the May issue include:

Give Your Revenue Cycle a Tune-Up – Boost collections with transparency and up-front payments

Grow Your Ophthalmic ASC – Expand, invest in new technology and market your brand

Hold Your Payers Accountable – Educate yourself, develop relationships and act quickly on denials

BASC Offers CAIP – The Certified Ambulatory Infection Preventionist credential is now available


June-July 2018 ASC Focus MagazineJune-July 2018

Features of the June-July issue include:

Lending a Healing Hand – One World Surgery provides continuum of care to patients globally

Caring for Paralyzed Patients – Keep ADA requirements in mind

Be Transparent – Post your ASC’s surgery prices online

Hire CASC-Certified People – The credential is a seal of quality that demonstrates commitment to the ASC community, employers say

Achieving OSHA Compliance in Eyewash Equipment – Consistency is key


August 2018 ASC Focus MagazineAugust 2018

Features of the August issue include:

Motivate Generations, Boost Teamwork – Learn their communication styles and speak their language

Complying with Emergency Preparedness Requirements – Stay on top of your paperwork, perform drills and collaborate with your local authorities

Enhance Your Team’s Productivity – Effective communication is key


September 2018 ASC Focus MagazineSeptember 2018

Features of the September issue include:

Share the ASC Story – Join state associations and participate in benchmarking and National Advocacy Days

Small ASCs Can Attract Buyers Too – Deliver strong management, diversified revenue and a balanced payer mix

Total Joints with Few Opioids – A company shares its successful pain management program


October 2018 ASC Focus MagazineOctober 2018

Features of the October issue include:

Staying on Top of Life Safety Code Compliance – Make it a continuous quality improvement process

Playing by the Rules – One-on-one with an ASC director

Prepare for IT Failure – Back up your data and develop a business continuity plan

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider – Find one fitted to your ASC’s culture


November-December 2018 ASC Focus MagazineNovember-December 2018

Features of the November-December issue include:

Austin Bound – Join ASCA in January for the 2019 Winter Seminar

Renovate While You Operate – Pre-planning goes a long way

Avoid Materials Management Mistakes – Focus on communication and collaboration and catch potential problems early

Renovate or Build New? – Points to consider before making a decision



January 2017 ASC Focus MagazineJanuary 2017

Features of the January issue include:

Managing Drug Shortages – ASC management must have a pro-active strategy

Changing Hospital Model and Its Impact on ASCs – Surgery centers look to be positioned for success

Reversing the National Trend of Opioid-Related Overdoses – What ASCs can do

The Value Proposition for ASCs – Providers that demonstrate higher quality, affordable access and lower cost stand to win


February 2017 ASC Focus MagazineFebruary 2017

Features of the February issue include:

Join ASCA on Capitol Hill – Sign up for National Advocacy Day when you register for ASCA 2017

Benchmark Your Revenue Cycle – Gauge the health of your ASC’s collections, billing processes and contracts

In the Pipeline – ASCA’s 2017 advocacy agenda

Achieving and Sustaining a Culture of Patient-Centric Care – Government support continues to grow


March 2017 ASC Focus MagazineMarch 2017

Features of the March issue include:

Stay on Top of Water Quality – Avoid contaminants with careful testing and vigilance

Tips on Implant and Supply Management – Reduce costs, increase value, maintain choice

Lessons Learned Operating ASCs in Low-Income Areas – Be cognizant of financial obstacles and cultural differences

Continuity of Operations Planning in ASCs – Effective communication, drills and working with your local organizations are key


April 2017 ASC Focus MagazineApril 2017

Features of the April issue include:

Navigating Coding Modifiers – What ASCs need to be on the lookout for

Using Lean Six Sigma – Streamline production, eliminate waste and increase efficiency

Value-Based Care in Today's ASC Market – Surgery Centers should seize the opportunity

ASCs and Poct-Acute Services – Skilled nursing facilities would work with surgery centers


May 2017 ASC Focus MagazineMay 2017

Features of the May issue include:

Virtual Marketing – How to create and maintain a social media site

ASCA 2017 Convenes in Washington, DC, This Month – Take advantage of more than 60 educational sessions and advocate for your ASC

Protecting Patient Information – Train staff to maintain data security and privacy

Cyber Insurance and Your ASC – Reduce your risk and the cost of protection


June-July 2017 ASC Focus MagazineJune-July 2017

Features of the June-July issue include:

Medication Management Hot Spots – Accreditation standards that can challenge ASCs

Working with Compounding Pharmacies – Check accreditation, state registration and licensure, and FDA track record

Winning Over Patients through Engagement – Participation leads to better outcomes

Make HIPAA Compliance a Top Priority – Avoid these missteps in your ASC


August 2017 ASC Focus MagazineAugust 2017

Features of the August issue include:

Know Your State’s Nursing Scope of Practice Definitions – Educate yourself to avoid adverse outcomes and litigation

Creative Staffing Strategies for Highest Efficiency – Adaptability and flexibility play key roles

Recruiting and Retaining Physicians – Develop a long-term plan, be responsive to your doctors’ needs and make sure staff is happy

Cost Savings in Human Resources – Hire smart, cross-train and keep staff morale high


September 2017 ASC Focus MagazineSeptember 2017

Features of the September issue include:

Changes in Accreditation – Three accrediting agencies explain upcoming modifications in their standards

Modifying to Achieve Interoperability – In the absence of CEHRT, ASCs adapt to reach clinical integration

Invest in IT to Support Your ASC’s Growth – Look beyond the price tag, choose carefully

Implement an Effective Peer Review Program – Stay on track with an ongoing, active process


October 2017 ASC Focus MagazineOctober 2017

Features of the October issue include:

Battling the Opioid Crisis – Responsibilities of ASCs

Develop a Win–Win Cash-Pay Program – Know your procedure costs, set fees that ensure a reasonable margin and keep your costs low

Ins and Outs of H&P – Make sure you know the how, what and when behind these critical assessments

Use Benchmarking to Drive QAPI – ASCs nationwide are using ASCA Benchmarking to improve their performance


November-December 2017 ASC Focus MagazineNovember-December 2017

Features of the November-December issue include:

Be Clear on Medical Device Clearance Process – What ASCs need to know about FDA 510(k)

Get the Right Equipment at the Right Price – Plan ahead, take your time and do your research before making a purchase

OSHA Updates Its Regulations – Learn how to implement the revised reporting requirements

Improve Surgeon Satisfaction – Invest in OR technology



January 2016 ASC Focus Magazine January 2016

Features of the January issue include:

When a Vendor Files for Bankruptcy – How to handle business with the company going under

Consolidation in the ASC Market – To be successful, be proactive in pursuing alignment strategies

The Joint Commission to Launch ASC Program – The agency will roll out its first advanced certification program for surgery centers this year

ASCs Invest More in Benefits, Less in Individual Bonus Pay – ASCAs surveys also reveal small salary increases since 2012


February 2016 ASC Focus Magazine February 2016

Features of the February issue include:

Advocacy in Action – Follow an ASC bill on its way to becoming a law

Setting the Rules – How regulatory requirements are created

Purchasing an EMR – Research before buying

Self-Championing Your ASC – Stand up for your center


March 2016 ASC Focus Magazine March 2016

Features of the March issue include:

Lowering the Cost of Health Care – New payment models promote cost-effective sites of service

Letting Go – Sound strategies for employee termination

Maximize the Benefits of Quality Improvement Studies – Follow these six easy steps

Leadership Development in the ASC – How to train your employees to become managers


April 2016 ASC Focus Magazine April 2016

Features of the April issue include:

Set Up Your Coder for Success – Find and retain the right match for your ASC

Capital Purchases – Research, analyze and compare before you buy

Changing Equipment – How and when to make the switch

Improving the Patient Experience – Follow these ‘Five Habits’


May 2016 ASC Focus Magazine May 2016

Features of the May issue include:

ASCA 2016 Convenes in Dallas – Plan now to make the most of the meeting

Breast Cancer Surgery in ASCs – Arkansas surgery center helps pioneer innovative technique

Manage Your Drug Supply – Effective ways to keep on top of shortages, costs

Drug Diversion – Detection and prevention advice


June-July 2016 ASC Focus Magazine June-July 2016

Features of the June-July issue include:

Give the Gift of Health – Join PIH and ASCA to provide surgical services to those in need

The Joint Commission Opens Advanced Certification Program – The first of its kind for ASCs

Leveraging State Association Participation – Use your membership to your benefit

ASCA Introduces Lifetime Achievement Award – First recipient to be recognized at ASCA 2016


August 2016 ASC Focus Magazine August 2016

Features of the August issue include:

Going Out of Network – Benefits and drawbacks

Use Your Anesthesiologists Outside of the OR – Anesthesia can help ASCs overcome common accreditation pitfalls

Best Practices to Secure Patient Payment – Make your collections efforts successful

HIPAA Audits Enter Phase 2 – Why that matters


September 2016 ASC Focus Magazine September 2016

Features of the September issue include:

Ask an RN – The value of nursing input into ASC building design

Splash, Soap, Rinse, Dry – How to assess hand hygiene and stay compliant

ASCs Training Perioperative RNs – Dearth of trained nurses inspires center-specific programs

Fire Safety Compliance – Expected changes after the implementation of 2012 Life Safety Code


October 2016 ASC Focus Magazine October 2016

Features of the October issue include:

Power in Numbers – Work with local authorities when creating your emergency preparedness plan

Is Your ASC Equipped to Respond to Disasters? – Make emergency preparedness a top priority in your surgery center

Benchmark to Provide Best Quality Care – ASCA’s second generation clinical and operational program offers apples-to-apples comparison

Users Praise ASCA’s Online Training Series – Three new courses to be added in fall


November-December 2016 ASC Focus Magazine November-December 2016

Features of the November-December issue include:

Outcomes of Spine Surgery in an ASC – Patient selection and tracking metrics under bundled care

Bundle Up – Will the bundled payment model work for ASCs?

Protect Your ASC from a Ransomware Attack – Prevention and backups are the best defense

MACRA Is Just Around the Corner – New Medicare physician payment system begins January 1, 2017



January 2015 ASC Focus Magazine January 2015

Features of the January issue include:

Easing the Transition – Advice for moving patients and procedures from HOPDs into ASCs

Running a Tight Ship – How to manage ASC staff to ensure full coverage

Pregnancy Discrimination – What ASCs need to know

ASC-8 Requirements – What you need to know to report successfully


February 2015 ASC Focus Magazine February 2015

Features of the February issue include:

ASCs in ACOs – How to be successful in the coordinated care model

As the Dust Settles – ASCs benefit as ACA changes begin to take effect

ASCs and Health Care Reform – Attorney Mark Wilson discusses opportunities and challenges in today's marketplace

Medicare’s 2015 Final Payment Rule – Policy changes that impact your ASC


March 2015 ASC Focus Magazine March 2015

Features of the March issue include:

Improve Your Revenue Cycle – Use key performance reports and benchmarking to enhance your bottom line

Full Coverage – Make sure that your ASC has the insurance protection it needs

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Patients embrace up front conversations about costs of care

Medicare Payment Policy Overview – How CMS sets ASC reimbursement rates


April 2015 ASC Focus Magazine April 2015

Features of the April issue include:

Tech Advantage – Use IT to demonstrate quality

Optimize Operations – Fine tune your IT investments

Packaged Services, NCCI Edits – What ASCs need to know

Clinical Informatics – Are you ready?


May 2015 ASC Focus Magazine May 2015

Features of the May issue include:

Lead by Example – Transform your organization by transforming yourself

Drug Disposal Rules Change – What you need to do to comply

Succession Planning – Future-focused ASCs benefit employers and employees

ASCA in Orlando – This year’s annual meeting promises cutting-edge information from all areas of the industry


June-July 2015 ASC Focus Magazine June-July 2015

Features of the June-July issue include:

Price Transparency – Models that work in ASCs

Key Statistics – Know the numbers that help support your patients and ASC

Responding to Recalls – Strategic steps to take to ensure patient safety

Improve Operations – Six ways for ASCs to optimize business office performance


August 2015 ASC Focus Magazine August 2015

Features of the August issue include:

Remembering Nap Gary – His legacy lives on

TJAs Move to ASCs – Tied to top outcomes and cost savings

Confront Your Elephants – Overcome financial and management challenges

When a Doctor Leaves – Physician succession planning is critical


September 2015 ASC Focus Magazine September 2015

Features of the September issue include:

Logistics of Overnight Care – Experts discuss keys to success

Standing Behind Their Work – ASCs offer warranties and guarantees

Expanding and Remodeling – Requirements and considerations for ASCs

Transitional Pass-Through Payments – Medicare reimbursements give patients access to novel therapies


October 2015 ASC Focus Magazine October 2015

Features of the October issue include:

Turn Off Those Mobile Devices – Managing the risks and rules of personal electronic devices

Help Stop Domestic Violence – Prepare to respond to this often hidden issue

Recruiting Physicians – Bring topnotch surgeons into your ASC

Anti-Solicitation Clauses in Physician Contracts – Tying enforcement to patient choice


November-December 2015 ASC Focus Magazine November-December 2015

Features of the November-December issue include:

Consolidation in the ASC Market – ASCs need strong Internet sites

Preparing for Surveys Made Easier – Tips on how to pass with flying colors

Manage by Checklist – Use this simple tool to succeed in your next survey

Accessing Information for Regulatory and ACO Reporting – Benefits of a discrete data EHR system