Protect Operational Efficiency in THE NEW NORMAL

COVID-19 protocols could affect patient flow, timing

Digital Debut

HIPAA Biannual Update

Since ASCA’s last update in January, healthcare organizations across the country posted 233 breaches of protected health information (PHI) affecting at least 500 individuals. Consistent with previous time periods, most of the breaches—86 percent—were caused by unauthorized access or hacking.

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Holding Facility Tours in the Time of COVID

Traditionally, ASCs hosted facility tours in the month of August and invited their federal representatives for in-person tours. The coronavirus pandemic, however, has changed that approach to facility tours and the way ASCs celebrate National ASC Month.

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Names in the News

Share Your ASC's Story

Do you have a new hire? Did your ASC win an award? Or did your management change? You can highlight all your company announcements in the Names in the News section of ASCA’s web site. This resource is available for free to both ASCA members and nonmembers. ASCA members will need to be logged in and nonmembers will need to create a “Nonmember Guest Account” to access this free resource.

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