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Stan Plavin, MD

Stan Plavin

Title: ASCA Board member
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia



What is your ASC doing to counter the national opioid crisis?


As Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) techniques continue to be finely tuned and value-based solutions and alternative payment models (APM) proliferate, clinicians have a tremendous responsibility to prescribe fewer opioids. At our ASC, we create a patient care experience where we engage our patients in a manner that provides education and sets expectations for care. We identify and develop care plans that show the inherent value of reducing opioid use not only before, but also during and after the episode of care. We let our patients know that limited prescriptions will be given with respect to their post-surgical pain expectations. Setting these parameters is an important step in helping our patients understand the process and goals associated with their care. The anesthesia team is involved from the beginning as the members of that team are the link that connects all the parties and can coordinate this effort. I call this process “Standardization with Individualization.”

Providing alternatives to opioids is just part of the solution; engaging, educating and empowering patients to be accountable will be paramount in their experience and ultimately the success of their care.