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Member Focus invites ASCA members to express their views on key ASC issues. Share your perspective with your colleagues and get to know your peers in the ASC community.

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Kecia Norling, RN, CASC

Kecia Norling

Title: Director of operations
Facility Name: Surgical Care Affiliates
City: Portland
State: Oregon
How long has your facility been an ASCA member? Five or more years



What are your three best strategies to stay on top of regulatory compliance?


When it comes to regulatory compliance, it is important to stay updated at both the state and the national levels. I encourage all my centers to become members of their state surgery center association, and to take advantage of the information that is provided through their quarterly newsletter, the annual conference and the educational events and emails.

At the national level, ASCA is the primary source of ASC information. All my centers are members, and are encouraged to participate in the educational events, webinars and informational phone updates. In addition, the ASC Focus magazine and email notifications provide continuous updates on regulatory compliance issues.

Networking with ASC peers is also a great way to stay on top of any changes in regulatory requirements.



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